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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the best time to schedule my sesion?

   A: I always aim for golden hour when scheduling sessions. This time frame has the BEST lighting. This typically is 2 hours before sunset. It also depends on the type of session. Of course I will do my best to accommodate you and your family and work out a time that works for you. 

Q: What if it is cloudy the day of our session?

   A:  Do not worry! Clouds create a soft light that are perfect for photos! Plenty of my sessions have taken place on cloudy days. 

Q: What if it is raining the day of our session?

   A:   The decision to reschedule because of weather will be determined the day of the session. IL brings all sorts of crazy weather that can change in the matter of minutes. If it is raining an hour before our session and there is a high chance of rain I will reschedule. During busy season dates book up fast. That is why I only reschedule when absolutely necessary. If we are unable to reschedule I will refund the deposit. (This is only for situations involving weather.) 

Q: My family and I are shy around the camera. Will you still be able to provide quality pictures?

          A:  To be honest so am I! I hate getting my picture taken. The best photos come from candid moments. Moments when you are not even thinking about the camera. To create these moments I use simple prompts and games. These help to create a fun laid back vibe. Don't worry if your little one is unable to sit still. Most kids do not sit still for the camera. I will give simple actions or play short games with them. You might want to consider bringing a special reward for your child. This can be very useful when taking posed shots. 

Family Fun By: Composed and Exposed Photorahy
Fabyan Forest Preserve Geneva IL. Candid moment
Chicago Engagement Same Sex couple
Daddy and Me By: Composed and Exposed Photography
Fabyan Forest Preserve Geneva IL candid
Fabyan Forest Preserve Composd and Exposed Photograpy
Family Portrait By: Composed and Exposed Photography
Leroy Oaks Engagement session Composed and Exposed Photograhy

Q: I have some fun photo ideas. How do I incorporate them into my session? 

  A:  I do not provide any props such as cakes for cake smash sessions. This is a liability issue for me. I do not provide any other props or outfits. If you have anything you would like to include I would be more than happy to incorporate it into our session. After you book a session with me I will email you a questionnaire. Communication is key so make sure to tell me all your ideas. Thinking about bringing the pup's? Thinking about bringing a prop to your senior session? Just let me know in the questionnaire. 

Q: Where do the sessions take place? 

   A:  I offer outdoor and in home sessions. If you booked a mini-session or promotional session the location will already be decided. You will be notified of the location before you book. Otherwise I leave the decision up to you! I can recommend some great parks and forest preserves but am open to suggestions as well. Some popular locations are Leroy Oaks in St. Charles, Fabyan Forest Preserve in Geneva, Lord's Park in Elgin, the Batavia Riverwalk, and Peck Farm in Geneva.

In home lifestyle sessions are great for little ones! It helps them feel at ease and scheduling is flexible. This is a great option for rainy days. 

Harry Potter Senior session Composed and Exposed Photography
Fireman Engagement Session Composed and Exposed Photography
Puppy Love Leroy Oaks Composed and Exposed Photography
Family Fun Composed and Exposed Photography
Puppies! Leroy Oaks Composed and Exposed Photography
Leroy Oaks Compoed and Exposed Photography
Engagement Session Composed and Exposed Photography

Q: What do I wear? 

A: Avoid neon or crazy bright colors at all cost. They will be very distracting. You want to avoid being too matchy matchy. Stick to neutral colors. Adding accessories that have matching  colors create a nice effect. Avoid noticeable white socks. They can be distracting as well. 

Obviously there is no dress code. Make sure to wear what you feel comfortable and confident in. 

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