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"Live in the Moment" Portugal. The Man Live!

June of 2017 I was lucky enough to get a press pass for my favorite band Portugal. The Man.

This was a dream opportunity that I honestly never thought I would get. They had become pretty big and the show had been sold out for awhile. I wasn't even going to bother but my fiance pushed me to at least try. So I did some research and contacted everyone I could relating to the band. I received plenty of emails stating they did not need any more press coverage. A few days before the show I received an email stating one would be ready for me. I couldn't believe it!! I know how cliche it sounds, but you truly never succeed if you never try.

I was able to shoot in a restricted area for 3 or 4 songs. It all felt like a blur. I was just snapping away while singing along to every song. Their sound and stage presence was perfect! This was my third time seeing the band live, but it was a completely different experience with the press pass!

I do not know how I got any pictures at all. It felt like my hands were shaking with excitement. This was my first concert shoot, but I am pleased with how the photos turned out.

The members of Portugal. The Man are seriously some of the nicest guys in the music industry. Even though they have had recent success ("Feel it Still" Grammy Win) they have been around for over a decade. I'm pretty sure that is why they never got a huge ego. They are so kind to their fans. They even met my fiance and I after the show!

Here we are with John Gourley and Zach Carothers of Portugal. The Man.

Here we are with John Gourley and Zach Carothers of Portugal. The Man

They were nice enough to sign my set list too!

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