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Hey There! 

I'm Becka, the face behind the lens at Composed & Exposed Photography. I've got a passion for turning everyday moments into frame-worthy memories. I'm all about capturing the feels and genuine vibes in a laid-back, natural way.

I am incredibly grateful that I have a career working with my husband, Danny, who offers videography. We spend most of our time editing at home, but we often spontaneously go to concerts or shows on the weekday! We love hiking, movies, music...oh yeah and CATS! We are a bit obsessive over our cat Daphne! 

Want to hear what client's are saying? Check out some of our reviews below! 

Fun Facts!


I look forward to learning more about you! In the mean time here are some fun facts about me! 

  • Danny and I are a bit obsessive over our cat Daphne. 

  • I'm really competitive when it comes to video games. 

  • I LOVE hiking! If you know any great spots let me know! 

  • I have attended Lollapalooza for the last 10 years in a row. I also go to many concerts.

  • I won a food competition by eating a 4 pound burger in under 1 hour. 

  • I play guitar and bass. 

  • I literally put hot sauce on everything! 

  • I still listen to pop punk. 

  • Danny and I have been together for over 14 years! 

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