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A Guide to Choosing the Perfect Location for Your Engagement Session

I am so excited to capture your story! Engagement sessions are a great way for us to get to know each other and have a relaxed session. One of the key decisions you'll make is selecting the right location for your engagement session. In this guide, we'll explore various considerations to help you choose a location that not only complements your personalities but also enhances the overall visual narrative of this time in your life. *Please note that there may be a travel fee for locations 10+ miles outside of Kane County.

Section 1: Reflecting Your Story:

I truly think it is special when clients make engagement sessions uniquely theirs! Feel free to think outside of the box! (For example, I've been dreaming of capturing an engagement session during a live concert!) Here are some ideas!

  • Personal Interests: Explore locations that align with your shared interests. Whether it's a favorite coffee shop, book store, movie theater, arcade, brewery, a scenic park, or the place where you first met, these spots add a personal touch to your engagement photos. If you are considering bringing your pet make sure the location is pet friendly! We can add personal touches to your session. If you love board games, let's add it! If you love bowling, let's do it! If you want to eat Ben & Jerry's on a roof top or have a wizard fight in an alley I'M DOWN! (see below)

  • Timeline Milestones: Consider locations that hold sentimental value, such as where you got engaged or shared significant moments in your relationship. Revisiting these places can evoke powerful emotions and memories.

Section 2: Scenic Beauty and Natural Light:

  • Natural Settings: Explore outdoor locations with beautiful landscapes, such as parks, beaches, or botanical gardens. Nature provides a timeless backdrop, offering a range of colors and textures that enhance your photos. A couple of my favorite forest preserves are Fabyan Forest Preserve in Geneva, Burnidge Forest Preserve in Elgin, and Cantigny Park in Wheaton. (Pets are not allowed at Cantigny and there is a $50 permit)

  • Golden Hour Magic: Plan your engagement session during the golden hour—just before sunset or after sunrise. The warm, soft light during these times creates a romantic and flattering atmosphere for your photos.

Section 3: Urban Chic or Rustic Charm:

  • Urban Landscapes: Consider cityscapes, downtown areas, or architectural wonders for a modern and sophisticated vibe. The juxtaposition of buildings and street scenes can add an urban chic element to your engagement photos. Some of my favorites are downtown Geneva, Elgin, St. Charles, Batavia, and Naperville. Of course there is also downtown Chicago.

  • Rustic Retreats: If you prefer a more natural and rustic feel, explore locations like barns, farms, or countryside settings. These locations provide a charming and timeless backdrop for your engagement session. Leroy Oaks in St. Charles perfectly captures the rustic feel. It's a beautiful forest preserve with two charming barns.

Section 4: Seasonal Considerations:

In the Midwest it is hard to predict exactly what each season will look like. We've had 70 degree days in February and winter temperatures into May. This gives a general outline.

  • Spring Blooms and Summer Sun: Take advantage of blooming flowers in spring or the vibrant hues of summer. Seasonal elements can add an extra layer of beauty to your photos. (Sometime late April, but mostly May-early August)

  • Fall Foliage: Consider autumnal settings with colorful leaves and a cozy atmosphere. Fall provides a warm and romantic backdrop for engagement sessions. (Late September - early November)

  • Winter Wonderland: If you love the charm of winter, consider snowy landscapes or cozy indoor settings with festive decor for a magical winter engagement session. (Late November-February)

Section 5: Permits and Permissions:

  • Check Regulations: Ensure that you have the necessary permits or permissions for your chosen location. Some places may have restrictions or require advanced notice for professional photography.

Whether you opt for a sentimental spot or a scenic landscape, remember that the location should reflect your unique love story. Enjoy the process, have fun during your session, and let the chosen location become a canvas for capturing the genuine joy and connection between you and your partner.

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