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Lifestyle Newborn Session

There is something so magical about capturing a family in their natural environment. The bond between a parent and newborn is so special. I captured Rebecca and Brian's wedding last Summer. It's been so fulfilling to capture their story. From an engagement session recreating their first date, to becoming a family. I am so passionate about capturing genuine and authentic moments. This session was exactly that! There are so many benefits to a lifestyle newborn session! Here are just a few.

  • Capturing all the little details. Fine hairs and little toes! It is easy to incorporate these details in a lifestyle session. There is also the option to capture all the details of the nursery as well!

  • Super laid back. A typical studio newborn session can potentially last 4-6 hours. You are not taking photos the entire time, but instead soothing the baby throughout. I was able to capture this entire session within an hour.

  • Genuine and authentic photos. Capturing your baby how they truly are. Your newborn is perfect just as is. I feel props and elaborate outfits may potentially distract from all the natural beauty.

  • Just one window. I don't need a lot space. This entire session took place in the guest room by the bed and window. No need to clean up. I may move a few things, but I am all about capturing things as they authentically are.

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