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The Importance of Photography (Katy and Adam session)

I was able to fit Katy and Adam in super last minute. I happened to have a spot open. The weather was gorgeous and it all worked perfect! Their sweet pup Mylo is getting older so it was very important to include him. Mylo is just the sweetest pup. The bond he has with Katy is insane. The entire time he looked up at her and you could tell he just wanted to make her happy. I love their interactions and the moments I was able to capture! The next day I got a text from Katy saying how it seemed like the whole session was fate. Mylo sadly had to go in for emergency surgery and had to have an eye removed. :( I was so sad for her, I know Mylo is her baby. Although concerned for her pup she was just so grateful and happy that we were able to capture Mylo completely happy and healthy. As an obsessive pet owner I was almost in tears.

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