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Why I Love Intimate Weddings

I am lucky enough to have been a second shooter at some amazing weddings. Gorgeous venues, decorations, and ceremonies make for some amazing photos. However, I equally love small intimate weddings. Here is why.

No stress. Last fall I shot a wedding at Lake Geneva. There wasn't a guest list, just immediate family. This was their second wedding so they just wanted to be surrounded by their kids. The ceremony was a simple set up with flowers displayed on each side. It ended up being a very windy day. The flowers would not seem to stay no matter what. The coordinator, bride and groom where trying to figure out how to get them to stay minutes before the ceremony. Usually this would be a pretty high stress situation. Instead the bride and groom where laughing and completely at ease about it. It was a funny moment so I made sure to grab some shots. Just as the wedding is going to start the couple realized their marriage license was in their room. Again, this could of been a big deal. The bride just said, "Well it's not going to start with out us." and laughed. I love that! There's no crazy schedule of events after since it is a small wedding. It didn't matter at all that things were running late.

Another reason I love intimate weddings is the couple is truly in the moment. I find that with intimate weddings the couple is focused on each other. There isn't a giant timeline of things to get done. Instead they can spend the day being in love and enjoying time with their guests.

Another intimate wedding I shot last fall took place at Cooper's Hawk. It was amazing!!! We did portraits at Lord's Park in Elgin before the ceremony. The couple was laughing and genuinely having a great time. The ceremony took place outside by a fire pit. The ceremony was filled with happy tears. All that was on their mind was each other. The room they rented out for the reception was perfect size for the amount of guests. The food was incredible! Instead of a big to do list they spent hours chatting with all their family and friends.

Lake Geneva Wedding.

I love the way he's looking at her.

This is the entire wedding party/guest list. The newly combined family looks so incredibly happy.

Cooper hawk reception.

Her expression is priceless.

These were taken at Lord's Park in Elgin.

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