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Matt & Eric's Engagement Session

I cannot say enough amazing things about this couple. Seriously two of the nicest people I have ever met! When we met for our consultation they INSISTED on buying my coffee. I always buy my clients coffee so this was a first. They live in Chicago but drove all the way out to South Elgin to meet me. When I thanked them for driving out they said "No, thank you for meeting with us!"

I was so excited when they booked me as their wedding photographer! I was looking forward to getting to know them better. This was my first engagement session in the city and Matthew picked out the perfect spots. The session was in November. I have never seen the city look as magical as it did that day. There was snow on the ground but the leaves were full of color. It was like having all of the seasons! I had a blast getting to know these two. They genuinely had me cracking up and I felt so at ease with them. As the session went on I got to know more about their relationship. They had been together for so long. Their demeanor resembled an old married couple, but in the best ways. When they were sharing memories with me you could see their faces light up thinking of the moments. It was amazing seeing two people so in love.

Thats why I was a little taken aback when Eric mentioned how they were a bit nervous about the session. I was thinking he meant being nervous in front of the camera. Instead he said "You never know how people will react." Wow. That was eye opening. It broke my heart as well. All I could think was how in love they are and how beautiful their relationship is. It's impossible to wrap my head around the idea of anyone seeing anything negative about them at all. It really gave me an understanding. I feel so honored to be their photographer. Their wedding is coming up this April. I am so excited and nervous! Their kindness, love, and loyalty for each other is so powerful. I want to capture it in the best possible way because they deserve it.

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